Shetland Sheep

 A Few of Our NASSA Registered Shetland Sheep

We run about 20 Shetland sheep that are registered with the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association (NASSA). Fleeces range from single to dual coats. We breed for good horns, good fleece with soft handle, and temperament. Like most North American Shetlands, our lines are from the original Dailley imports and include lines from We Tierra Farms, Menedez Minatures, WhiteOak Shetland Ranch, Shady Oaks, and Joshua Farms. In 2022 we brought in FFSSA sheep from Allen Creek.  

Foundation Stock


Kyla nee "MM Jewelle" b. 2/17/2012 (WSR Zerah x MM Bonnie Blue)

Herd matriarch. Horned musket katmoget with a silky cream fleece with a nice handle. Dual coat. Has thrown triplets, horned ewes, loves oats and scratches. She's my bestie <3. 

Ramsey b.12/29/2015 nee "SLS Frosty" (Joshua Farm Colby x MM Cloud)

Sire to most of our flock. He has single white crimpy coat that is extremely dense, so dense it stays clean because nothing goes through it! One year I weighed 5+lbs off of him!

Jewelle b. 3/12/2014 nee "SLS Kyla" (MM Misty x WSR Hardtack)

Very nice dual coated Musket Katmoget. The most skittish of all. She secretly loves us. Maybe. Probably not. We did mix up her name with Kyla. Hey, the pedigrees looked the same!


Retained F3s


DG Meatball b.2018 (DG Oreo x SLS Frosty).

Meatball was a twin but her brother died 4 days after birth. She became extremely friendly, as many singles do. She answers to her name most of the time and is a dog in sheep's clothing. We love her to pieces. If we ever move to the burbs, she will come with us somehow.

DG Honeydew b.2018 (MM Jewelle x SLS Frosty). White intermediate fleece, nice disposition.


Agouti Genetics

"Earth Garden Osita" b.2021 (MM Jewelle x SLS Frosty)

Musket with dual coat. Born nearly black but agouti genes fade fleece to musket. 

"Earth Garden Moo" b. 2021. (DG Meatball x SLS Ramsey)

Born with spots that have also faded. Dual coat. Nice wide horn set. 

"Earth Garden Thunder" b.2020 (MM Jewelle x SLS Frosty)

Gorgeous wide 'D shaped' horns. Born dark brown that appears black with faint white spotting but has faded to musket. 



Brownie, a wether, is a moorit Shetland with intermediate curly fleece. He has a kind and sweet disposition and always loves a good scratch. Also a jumper and escape artist.  Horney, a wether, twins with his sire Ramsey in that he also has a white dense single coated with lots of soft crimp throughout. He is usually more timid after shearing or hoof trims.