German Angoras

IAGARB Registered or Eligible German Angoras

Our German Angoras are registered with the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB). They are humanely shorn every 90 days and maintain a minimum 3 inch staple length to produce high quality yarn. They are kept in a hybrid living system where they can free range but also have their own cage for protection. Our lines are from Bungalow Farm Angora, Hillside Farms, and Windsor Farms. 


Windsor Farms' 'Blazing Star', doe b.2021 (Windsor Farms' Rickenbacker x Windsor Farms' Tahiti (black) Windsor Farms' 'Headliner', doe b.2021 (Windsor Farms' Legendary x Windsor Farms' Nova)  Windsor Farms' 'Billy British', buck b.2021 (Windsor Farms' Legendary x Windsor Farms' Taboo) Windsor Farms' Ian Irish, buck b. 2021 (Windsor Farms' Tiberias x Windsor Farms' Magma). Wooler


Past Rabbits

Hillside's 'Daniel' "Patty" Bungalow Farm 'Veronika'